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Injureeze and long term neck pain treatment

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According to; "Heat helps relax stiff or tense muscles, but you should wait a day or 2 after an injury before using a heat pack (to make sure any swelling has gone down)."

Injureeze is one of the only heat pack designs that integrate both the application of heat and pressure simultaneously. The large size of the Trapeeze heat packs allow the entire neck area to be targeted and heated, whilst the weights in the front of the wrap allow the pack to stay put whilst on the neck. Too often large flat heat packs fall off when placed on or around the neck. Trapeeze heat packs stay firmly put on the neck and continue to heat and apply pressure whilst you get on with your day.

 Neck pain is often caused by bad posture

Neck pain is often caused by bad posture

Along with the use of the Trapeeze heat pack, there are ways of preventing further problems. "One of the most important things you can do is to maintain good posture. Keeping your head centred over your spine helps reduce much of the strain on your neck muscles.

People who work long hours driving, sitting at a desk, or hunching over a workbench often suffer from neck pain due to their posture. Try the following:

  • make sure you take regular breaks and take the time to stretch your back and neck muscles;
  • if you are working on a computer, make sure that the top of the monitor is at eye level;
  • don't leave your arms unsupported;
  • sit with your knees slightly lower than your hips; and
  • avoid clenching your teeth.

Posture-correcting exercise processes that re-educate the body, such as the Alexander Technique and Pilates, can also help prevent neck pain, as can yoga and tai chi.

You can also help improve or prevent neck pain while you are sleeping by using a pillow that is the right height for you and supports the natural curve of your neck. There are pillows available that have a contoured surface that comes up to support the neck and recedes to leave more room in the head support zone. Also, use a firm mattress and try to avoid sleeping on your stomach (which can put strain on your neck).

Relaxation techniques and regular exercise are also important in preventing stress and tension in the neck muscles. Maintaining general fitness helps prevent further exacerbations of neck pain by improving muscle tone and posture."

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