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Read below for the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ's for the Injureeze Heat Packs.

How long should I put my Injureeze heat pack in the microwave?

Depending on the size of your heat pack, best to aim for 1 to 2 minutes. Make sure you watch the heat pack and check halfway, as some microwaves are more powerful than others.

For best results, heat on a lower setting for a longer period of time.

Should I use my Injureeze heat pack with Heat Rub?


Using heat rubs such as 'Deep Heat' or 'Tiger Balm' are best to use on their own and not in conjunction with the Injureeze Heat Packs. You may end up in some discomfort or pain if you choose to do this.

What's the difference between using a flat heat pack (bag) and an Injureeze heat pack?

Injureeze heat packs are different to your usual heat packs, as they apply pressure to the affected area as well as staying secure thanks to the velcro straps or easy-tie handles. Injureeze heat packs are one of the only heat packs in the market that allow you to apply heat and continue moving without having to hold on to the heat pack.

How long do I heat my Trapeeze for?

Always begin with 90 seconds. If your Trapeeze is not hot enough, use 20 second increments until the desired warmth is reached. 3 minutes should be maximum. Remember to adjust based on your microwave power, and lower the power level if your Microwave Wattage is above 800W.

I singed/burnt my Lumbareeze, but only had it in for 2 minutes?

Always determine the Wattage of your microwave oven first. Singing only happens when the power is too high or if the product has been heated for way too long. If your microwave is higher that 800 Watts, you must heat on a medium power setting.

When I pick up the Trapeeze, it feels quite heavy. Is that good for my neck?

The Trapeeze was designed by a physiotherapist to be perfectly weighted to give the upper shoulders (the upper Trapezius muscles) a gentle stretch. Once your Trapeeze is placed correctly over your neck and upper shoulders, the weight is evenly distributed and you should feel a pleasant downward pressure.

If the weight feels uncomfortable, you should use the Small (if you are 30-50Kg), or a Light (If you just want the warmth, but not the stretch)

 The Trapeeze combines a gentle stretch and warmth to help ease tension headaches.

The Trapeeze combines a gentle stretch and warmth to help ease tension headaches.

I often get headaches. Will the Trapeeze help me?

It does depend on the cause of your headaches, but if they are caused by tight neck muscles pulling on their attachments to the base of your skull, you may well benefit from the Regular Trapeeze, as it heats right from the base of the skull and along the entire length of these muscles. This warmth combined with the gentle stretch will help relax these muscles.

Can I wash my Injureeze product?

As long as the wheat inside does not get wet, you can sponge/spot clean the fabric.

When would I use my Injureeze pack cold?

The Trapeeze, or any of the Injureeze hot/cold packs, should be used cold in the case of an acute injury (e.g. whiplash) within the first 48 hours, to help control bleeding and swelling of the soft tissues. Also, when inflammation, such as arthritis is present, some people find that cold gives them more relief than heat. To cool your Injureeze pack, pop it in the freezer for a few hours.

Do I need a microwave to heat Injureeze products?

Yes, a microwave is the only safe way to heat your Injureeze products

Can I use my Lumbareeze whilst pregnant?

Definitely! The lumbareeze not only delivers soothing heat to painful spine and pelvic muscles and joints, its elasticity gives support as well. It is recommended that the Lumbareeze is fastened under your “bump.” It is also extremely useful during labour, as it stays in place whilst you are free to move about.

I once had weevils in a wheatbag. Can I prevent this happening again?

Absolutely! An easy solution is to place your Injureeze product in an airtight bag and pop it into the freezer for 24 hours. This will effectively kill any microscopic eggs which may have been present. You only need do this once, and you will never have a problem. It’s actually a good idea to do this with any grain products you have at home eg, rice, bran, flour etc.

I’ve had my Injureeze heat pack for a few years and it doesn’t seem to hold its heat for as long as it used to. Why is this?

This can happen when the wheat grains dry out. They actually get very hot, more quickly, but they also lose their heat very quickly.  

To prevent this, put a small glass of water into the microwave with your Injureeze product. It doesn’t have to be done every time, but at least once in every 5 months.